Crypto Twitter decodes why Zuck really named his goats ‘Max’ and ‘Bitcoin’


Mark Zuckerberg sent Bitcoin hodlers into a frenzy after naming his new pet goats “Bitcoin” and “Max.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the Co-founder of Facebook has riled excitement across the crypto community after taking to social media to announce two of his pet goats have been named “Bitcoin” and “Max.”

Zuckerberg announced the curious names for his pet goats in a May 11 Facebook post stating: “My Goats: Max and Bitcoin.”

Crypto-Twitter has been whipped into frenzied speculation in response to the goats’ names, with analyst LilMoonLambo Tweeting to their 97,000 followers: “You have two weeks to accumulate as much $BTC as you can before Mark Zuckerberg announces that he and Facebook have purchased Bitcoin during their annual shareholders meeting… The pump will be glorious.” 

The co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, chimed in to ask whether Zuckerberg is “Telling us he is a bitcoin maximalist with the names of his goats?

Influencer “Thinking Crypto” was also highly bullish on the news, tweeting “If you thought the Elon Musk and Tesla pump was something, get ready for the Mark Zuckerberg Facebook pump!”

However, Robert Leshner, CEO of Compound Labs was skeptical of crypto-Twitter’s excitement, interpreting the tweet as “Communicating that [Zuckerberg] will be eating Bitcoin Max(imalists) for dinner.”

Leshner may have a point about Bitcoin and Max being served for dinner. In 2019, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, famously revealed  that Zuck killed one of his goats with a laser gun and served it to him for dinner.

Despite onlookers inferring that Facebook’s CEO may be sending a deliberate message to the crypto sector with his goats’ new names, it is possible Zuckerberg may simply be trying to poke fun and stir up a reaction on social media amid the recently surging popularity of crypto assets.

Last month, rumors circulated that Facebook would reveal Bitcoin holdings on its balance sheet in its Q1 earnings report. However, the April 28 report would  reveal that the company does not hold any crypto assets.

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