Funding Roundup: Derivatives and Defi Draw a Fresh Influx of VC Firms and Private Investors


As blockchain technology disrupts traditional industry standards, the list of progressive investors willing to stake their money has increased significantly. Leveraging this ongoing investment trend, both upcoming and ongoing projects are attracting millions of dollars from private investors, shaping a new era of decentralization.

Globe DX Successfully Closes Fresh $18 Million Funding Round

A new derivative exchange, Globe Derivative Exchange (Globe DX), has successfully closed its recent seed funding round. Backed by top-class blockchain VCs such as Pantera Capital, Y Combinator, CMT Digital, Draper Dragon, Wave Financial, Republic Crypto, and Okex, Globe DX closed the private round, raising a total of $18 million.

Derivatives spearhead the crypto exchange ecosystem, accounting for a large share of the total revenue generated by crypto businesses. Thanks to a platform loaded with unique features, Globe DX’s recent pre-sale attracted massive participation from VCs.

With more than 200 strategic partners backing the platform’s ecosystem, Globe DX has already fashioned a capable platform. It offers exposure to the Crypto Volatility Index, includes all features traders demand from a global derivatives exchange platform, and is designed to attract novices alongside seasoned crypto traders.

BENQI Adds $6 Million From Advisors and External Investors

Decentralized finance (defi) projects are drawing in a lot of venture capital money, and the newest project to successfully close its seed funding round is BENQI. The company has successfully raised $6 million from investors and is now preparing to start its much-awaited ICO.

Led by Ascensive Assets, the funding round attracted some of the biggest names in Defi and venture capital, including Mechanism Capital, Market Across, Spartan Group, Dragonfly Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Ava Labs, Arrington XRP Capital, and many more.

BENQI introduced an Avalanche-based decentralized noncustodial liquidity protocol to enable users to lend, borrow, and earn from digital assets efficiently. With the funding secured, BENQI will roll out its protocol on the mainnet in May 2021 and add token pools in the coming days. As the defi ecosystem on Avalanche is poised to explode, BENQI’s breakthrough consensus protocol will ensure instantaneous transactions at the lowest possible fees.

Jigstack Attracts $3 Million to Build The DAO of Decentralized Finance

With dozens of new projects exploring the use of blockchain technology and defi platforms across several commercial use cases, investors seem incredibly eager to sign staggeringly large checks for anything defi-related.

Riding on the investment trend, Jigstack, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), closed its public and private funding rounds, raising a total of $3 million. Both rounds witnessed overwhelming participation from leading investors such as DHC Capital, Blocksync Ventures, X21 Digital, Moonwhale Ventures, Exnet Network, and more.

Jigstack governs a portfolio of Ethereum network assets and protocols such as Lemonade, Stakbank, and Ethlink, each of which adds value to Jigstack’s native STAK token. The team behind Jigstack has designed an ecosystem to help engineer and deploy institutional-grade decentralized tools for every business need.

Independent Defi-Based Singularity DAO Raises $2.7 Million

Singularity DAO, a platform offering AI-powered defi portfolios, has successfully raised $2.7 million in its recent private sale funding. The sale, led by Alphabit, attracted several prominent investors from the crypto universe, including QCP Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Magnus Capital, SMO Capital, AU21, Moonwhale Ventures, and Jun Capital.

The defi project Singularity DAO is an extended arm of the blockchain-centric AI marketplace, Singularity NET. It offers a suite of dynamically managed portfolios that can automatically adjust to meet changing market trends and generate new opportunities. Besides, the platform will also help optimize on-chain trading to boost decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity by continually rolling out new predictive data models for digital asset management.

With a three-layered blockchain architecture powered and optimized by Singularity NET’s AI, the platform is designed to offer decentralized governance using Sing DAO tokens. The successful investment round will play a critical role in amping up the development phase of the Singularity DAO project for its mainnet launch.

Which of the four projects mentioned in the roundup do you find the most promising and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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