WunderTrading Review: The Automated Crypto Trading Bot


WunderTrading is a cryptocurrency platform that allows investors to execute trades on the crypto market using an automated system. This platform offers stellar features best suited to crypto beginners and advanced investors to create profitable trades.

This WunderTrading review reveals detailed information about the platform’s trading process, key features, services, and many more.

The table below provides a summary of the WunderTrading platform.

Launch Date  2018
Platform Web and Mobile App (Android platform only) 
Cryptocurrencies Offered  100+
Fees 1.00% commission 
Supported Countries  Not stated 
Customer Support  Yes 

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What is WunderTrading?

WunderTrading has grown exponentially since its launch as a cryptocurrency exchange service in Estonia. The platform has provided users with an improved trading process since its establishment in 2018.

The platform self-identifies on its website as a “financial technology firm that attempts to facilitate the real-world application of cryptocurrencies through a variety of goods and solutions.”

Traders can purchase over 100+ cryptocurrencies via credit/debit card and wire transfers on the WunderTrading platform. Some top cryptocurrencies available on the platform includes BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, XRP, etc.

In addition, the platform offers top cryptocurrency exchange features to its users. These services include an advanced trading terminal, signal marketplace, crypto portfolio tracker, and fast deposit methods.

To improve the trading experience for both basic and advanced traders, WunderTrading incorporates two major features: Automated Copy Trading and Automated Crypto Trading Bot.

  • The ‘Automated Copy Trading’ feature: This is designed to meet the needs of investors without prior experience trading the crypto market. The feature allows inexperienced traders to copy the moves of elite traders with a successful track record. That way, they can earn when the traders profit.
  • The ‘Automated Crypto Trading Bot: This feature completes trades automatically for investors. This functionality works based on trading parameters set by users. With the Automated Crypto Trading Bot integration, WunderTrading can help investors execute trades on the go and leverage market opportunities.

However, during the course of researching for this WunderTrading review, we could not verify this claim. We also discovered a few negative reviews about the functionality of the trading bot on third-party review sites.

Users can get started on this platform for free and complete verifications to access all supported features and services.

How Does WunderTrading Work?

WunderTrading has an intuitive interface and simple functionalities, so investors and traders can navigate the platform in a few clicks. The platform works like most companies operating in the crypto market. They run an identity verification before users start trading.

WunderTrading verifies all users as a basic law requirement to regulate money laundering and prevent financial crime on the crypto automation platform. Traders can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other supported cryptocurrencies via credit/debit card or wire transfer after verification.

However, WunderTrading charges trading fees on every purchase of cryptocurrency. However, these fees are low and range between the average fees in the industry.

The platform offers users four types of trading accounts which vary based on selected subscriptions or pricing.

The four types of accounts are:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium

These subscriptions are a primary source of revenue and profit for WunderTrading.

Investors can start with the ‘Free’ account to get used to the platform before upgrading to other account tiers.

The automated trading software incorporates a powerful mobile app version of its platform to accommodate investors and traders who prefer the convenience that mobile apps bring.

Our research found that most of the app users are satisfied, according to reviews. However, a few complaints were similar to those discovered on third-party review sites. These complaints were mostly related to bugged interface and the on-screen keyboard issues.

WunderTrading Key Features

WunderTrading offers innovative features to its customers. Some of them are;

Automated Crypto Trading Bot

The automated crypto trading bots allow users to create, test and apply trade strategies to a set cryptocurrency pair within a time frame.

Once the trading bot is set up, traders can create alerts to receive signals on when to buy or sell a particular asset. The platform’s trading bots convert and execute them as soon as the signal is received.

One of the benefits of using WunderTrading bots is its capability to protect traders against volatility and grow their portfolios seamlessly. However, users should note that these crypto trading bots need to be activated by users as they only act on set parameters and specifications on a specified cryptocurrency.

Automated Copy Trading

With the WunderTrading Copy Trading tool, investors can directly copy successful traders’ strategies and incorporate them into their automated trading bots.

Users can copy the trade with the same settings in real-time as soon as the signal provider generates a signal manually or through a trading crypto bot. This tool is appealing and beneficial for crypto beginners keen on high-profit returns but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to time the market movement appropriately.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

WunderTrading offers a crypto portfolio tracker to give investors a clear view of their portfolios.

The portfolio tracker lets traders keep a tab on their purchases, returns and sales. WunderTrading allows traders to manually input their trades or connect their exchange’s API to manage their portfolios easily.

Multiple Account Management

Modern traders tend to have multiple crypto accounts for different reasons. WunderTrading allows users to control trades across several exchanges from one device using the Multiple Account Management feature.

Investors can also engage in arbitrage trading. Users can simultaneously purchase and sell the same crypto assets on different markets to generate profit from tiny market movements in price. The platform supports many of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, OKX, FTX and Kraken.

Top Services on WunderTrading

WunderTrading offers exceptional services important to investors and traders keen to profit from the crypto market. These services are broken into three:

  • WunderTrading Cryptocurrency Exchange service provides users full access to the cryptocurrency market. Investors can use fiat currencies to purchase 100+ cryptos, including big movers like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, with credit/debit cards (Mastercard or Visa). The platform offers low trading fees and a fast payment method (credit card).
  • WunderTrading Commerce Services allows merchants, investors, and traders to conveniently accept cryptocurrency payments through their email or website.
  • WunderTrading Trade Services also offers investors a vast range of stellar trading services to simplify their trading processes and increase their profits. These trading services range from automated trading bots, copy trading tools, crypto portfolio trackers, advanced trading terminals, and many more.

Additionally, users can earn more income through the platform’s referral program. WunderTrading referrals are an income source for traders who are rewarded with a commission for every referral.

Investors can invite their friends and family to the platform and gain a 20% lifetime commission for every referred member that uses a subscription plan. Referred members also get a bonus discount of 10% on any one-month subscription plan.

Overall, the features offered by WunderTrading make it more valuable to traders than the average cryptocurrency exchange.

Can you Trade on WunderTrading?

The WunderTrading platform allows users to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. To start, crypto traders must create an account and complete the verification before accessing this platform’s full trading features and services.

Trading accounts without a completed verification can only purchase $300 worth of cryptocurrencies.

Once account verification is complete, users can buy cryptocurrencies right away through their credit cards.

In terms of selling crypto assets, the features of automated trading bots and copy trading tools have simplified the process. The complexities connected to the cryptocurrency market do not apply to WunderTrading platform users, as trading features make it easy to buy and execute trades at all times.

WunderTrading Minimum Deposit

In our analysis of WunderTrading, we learned that users can start investing in cryptocurrencies with a €50 minimum investment. Users can seamlessly initiate a deposit via credit card and bank transfer


While registering an account is free, users must subscribe to a paid plan to upgrade from the basic tier to other premium plans. Other fees that are tied to this platform include commissions and a withdrawal fee.

The membership costs range from $0 for a free account to $44.95 for a premium account. Investors can initially sign up for a free account and upgrade when they want to deploy more bots or other premium capabilities.

When users buy crypto using the platform, a commission is taken from the purchase price. The current commission is $5 or 5% of the paid invoice. Withdrawals are also subject to a charge. For instance, the Bitcoin withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC, around the average industry standard.

Users can fund their accounts on WunderTrading with a multitude of payment options. This includes SEPA, bank transfer, Apple Pay, debit cards and crypto payments. Each payment option comes with its separate deposit fees.

WunderTrading Pricing Plans

WunderTrading features four subscription packages for crypto traders: Free, Basic, Pro, and Premium. The platform offers subscription discounts for customers who order for more than a month. WunderTrading offers a 10% discount for 3 months, 15% for 6 months, 20% for 12 months, and 25% for 24 months.

The offerings of each plan are detailed below:

Free Plan:

Price: $0.00 per month.

Key features:

  • 5 open positions
  • 2 active bots
  • 1 API per exchange
  • Trading Terminal (for Spot and FuturesTrading)
  • Bot Trading (for Spot and Futures Trading)
  • Simultaneous Take Profit and Stop Loss

Basic Plan:

Price: $9.95 per month.

Key features: Everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • 15 open positions
  • 5 active bots
  • 2 API per exchange
  • Trailing stop
  • Spot and futures trading
  • DCA trading terminal

Pro Plan:

Price: $24.95 per month.

Key features: Everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • 100 open positions
  • 15 active bots
  • 5 API per exchange
  • Fixed amount for manual trading (futures only)
  • Spread trading terminal
  • Swing trade

Premium Plan:

Price: $44.95 per month.

Key features: Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • 1000 open positions
  • Unlimited active bots
  • Unlimited API per exchange

WunderTrading Customer Support

WunderTrading crypto trading features a support centre and FAQs area on their website, as well as a variety of beneficial material for investors. Users can also access a live chat feature on the platform’s website to receive responses in less than 20 minutes.

Is WunderTrading a Scam?

Although we were unable to verify whether the WunderTrading cryptocurrency platform is a fraud, this is what we do know.

The app claims to offer a reliable way for crypto to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency easily while combining many features like a crypto exchange, a social trading platform, Bitcoin payments, and OTC services into one software.

However, despite these multiple features, WunderTrading is easy to use and best known for providing trading scripts, bots and its copy trading feature that allows traders to copy the trades of others automatically. Investors have access to four plans: free, basic, pro, and premium, with fees ranging from $0 to $49.95.

WunderTrading supports multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Bank Transfer (SEPA), and Bitcoin. Users can manually manage multiple crypto exchanges through the trading terminal or bots.

The Estonian government regulates the platform to operate as a provider of exchange services between digital and fiat currencies. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also used to strengthen account security.

However, while the exchange offers these features there are some concerns about an unreliable system and customer service. Users have made complaints about bots automatically closing and slowly getting slow to no response when they ask for a refund.

How to Use WunderTrading

Prospective users can begin to use WunderTrading using the simple steps explained below:


Potential users must visit the website to register on the platform and provide basic information like name, email address, and a strong password.

After this, the user will receive an email and be asked to verify it. This can be done by simply clicking on the verification link. The next step is to choose a plan depending on the user’s aim. However, the free plan is good enough for anyone just starting on the platform and has enough features to help familiarise them before moving to other plans.

Connect Exchange

Users must connect to the exchange, or in particular, the exchange API, to use some of WunderTrading’s trading features, like the trading bot.

Once logged in, go to Settings, click “My Exchanges,” and select “Add New.”
Enter the account name, API key, and secret key in the form, then choose the exchange.

Other traders and investors will be able to see the account name. Also, users can obtain the API key and secret from the exchange website.

Click on Add

The exchange will be visible in Settings > My Exchanges. Users can now start trading with WunderTrading.

Create Bots or Start Trading

Once the exchange API is connected, users can start trading or creating trading bots. Traders can decide to trade themselves or let the copy-trader make trades for them.

How to use the Copy Trader

  • Go to Copy-trading and select Start from the Copy-trader menu.
  • Select a trader under the Marketplace menu, then click Follow.
  • Click “Ok” and select the API profile they want to use to follow the trader or bot.
  • Tap confirm, and click “Ok.”

Users can return to the Copy-trading tab to view the traders they follow and the closed transactions.

How to create a Trading Bot

  • Navigate to Bots, select Strategy, and click Create.
  • Configure the Time Frame, Exchange and API Profile, and Bot Name. Select their pairs
    Then, users can establish the portfolio share.
  • Modify the leverage.
  • Fill in the last price, ask price, or bid price after choosing the order type. Users are required to specify if they want multiple entries or not.
  • Next, Determine the multiple take-profit targets.
  • Set the stop loss, then create a bot strategy.

Users with free accounts can only have 2 bots active at once but will have to upgrade if they plan to increase the number and access more features.

WunderTrading Pros and Cons

WunderTrading offers huge benefits to crypto traders and investors. However, there are areas upon which the exchange can improve.


  • Low trading fees
  • Supports top cryptos (BTC and ETH)
  • Automated crypto trading bot
  • Automated copy trading
  • Free account plan
  • Advanced trading terminal
  • Multiple account management


  • Limited payment options
  • Automated trading needs refinement

The Verdict

WunderTrading has created a reliable platform for automated cryptocurrency trading using supported exchanges and price options. The website helps new users to get started and become accustomed to the platform by providing a free alternative. This will help users determine whether or not a paid plan is worthwhile.

Many cryptocurrency investors find it appealing to run trading bots and copy the techniques of other traders, so WunderTrading is undoubtedly interesting.

Visit WunderTrading

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